13 August 2009

Maple Leaf Community Gardens

From Maple Leaf Gardens
A brief proposal for the transformation of Maple Leaf Gardens: This presently dormant Toronto landmark could be brought to life by adapting a couple of its key structural features, namely the concrete stands and vaulted roof. By refitting the existing metal framed roof with transparent insulated panelling, the interior would fill with light, opening up the possibilities for indoor plant life and public space. The removal of most of the seating from the stands leaves a terrace structure suitable for compact vegetable gardening, with water supplied via a gravity dispensed rainwater collection system. The produce grown within the building would provide a steady supply to a flagship restaurant located in the upper box seating areas. Being in the food business, the current owners could still consider a linear variation on the supermarket in the lobby areas of the building. The flat central surface could serve as a public park with modular landscaping that could be moved to make way for an ice rink during the winter. To conserve energy the building would make use of natural ventilation and passive solar heating in tandem with a geothermal system.

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